Skopelos averages 11 hours of sunshine per day during july and august. The island has 17 different beaches to choose from though all are shingle rather than sand.

Skopelos Island is part of the North Sporades group and is proud of it’s heritage, as displayed in the museum. The key crafts of the island have traditionally been embroidery, weaving, ceramics and woodcarving. There used to be a good trade in knives to tourists but this has suffered due to more stringent airline policies in recent years.

Skopelos is a place where you can really change your life starting with navy hills and wake up to golden mornings that fill the soul as much as fill the senses. You can walk past very lovely lakes and slouch your holiday away in rather wonderful rocky valleys or laze around in slate blue desert like beaches.

We believe that on your Skopelos holidays you can begin to unwind and get in tune with the greek islands, then embrace the teal waters and beautiful coasts and bimble around nick nack shops all day if you want.