Alonissos is a small island in the far north of the Northern Sporades group to the west of mainland Greece. The island has also been known as Pelagos or Pelagonisi.

alonissos greeceBest known for The National Marine Park of Alonissos, which was the first to be founded in Greece.

Of all the greek islands, Alonissos is the one to come to if you are a nature lover. The rich abundance of wildlife really does set it above the rest. Usually small islands have less diverse wildlife than larger ones, but in the case of Alonissos the reverse seems to be true. Book your Alonissos Holidays in late spring and sign up for the walking nature tours.

On these you can walk past pretty oceans and bimble around sapphire lakes while all the colours of Alonissos vie for your attention. You will see the most beautiful flowers clinging to every available rock and will walk through meadows of absolutely superb plantlife.

Good Beaches on Alonissos

Most of the beaches on Alonissos are predominantly pebble beaches. At Leptos Gialos, Steni Valla and Agios Dimirios are all good, particularly the latter which has somne rare sand.

Alonissos is definitely the greek island for lovers of the great outdoors. If you love nature, you will love the island of Alonissos. Get out away from the villages and head off in any direction that takes your fancy.