Spetses lies at the entrance of the Argolic gulf. This small island has a surface area of just 22.5 square kilometres mostly covered with pine forest.

Spetses is reknown for the distinctive architecture of its stately mansions recalling the days when rich sea captains from Spetses made a good living here.

Wonderfully, no cars are allowed on Spetses so travel is by horse drawn carriages, water taxis or the local bus. The island was chosen by the Greek Royal Family for the wedding of Prince Nikolaos in 2010. Guests stayed at the exceptionally fine Poseidonion Hotel before walking up to the Agios Nikolaos monastery for the ceremony itself.

Spetses is a charming island bustling with social activity and is definitely a great place to spend a few days. It really is a smashing little island where you get the choice of just relaxing or taking the daily ferry boat to Piraeus where the action is.

Spetses is a lovely destination for the traveler being well known for her shipping traditions which arose because Spetses was a small pine forested island that was needed for shipbuilding.

Spetses is also the setting for John Fowles’ novel the Magus and so many literary fans end up on the island.


Spetses is the dream island from my childhood. I always imagined Greece in a certain way and never found the reality to match the dream until I arrived on Spetses on a perfect morning with the sun on my back.

Sarah Jenks