Hydra was a multi-headed monster in greek mythology. The inhabitants of the island that shares her name have dispatched the multi-headed onslaught of tourism in a novel way. Cars and all modern forms of transport are banned from the island (including bicycles) leaving Hydra to remain a picture perfect Greek island. Seriously, you will love it, and if you don’t, well Piraeus is just a 90 minute hydrofoil ride away.

If you get the chance to visit this lovely little island then do take it. The Pirate Bar is the  place to party in the evening, but if you are all partied out, then hand around on Kamini beach all evening, eating some really good seafood.

Things to see on the Island of Hydra

Climb Mount Eros to the monastery of Profitis Ilias and the convent of Agia Efpraxia where the welcome is warm and the views stunning. Lots of artists come here to produce landscapes. Most are doing it for the love of it, but if you see something you like, ask the artist if it is for sale.

Hydra is above all an artist’s dream. As a result painters at work may (no, lets make that ‘will’) be encountered everywhere.

Beaches on Hydra

  • Avlaki Beach
  • Hydroneta Beach
  • Kaminia Beach
  • Spilia Beach
  • Vlichos Beach
  • Mandraki Beach
  • Agios Nikolaos Beach
  • Bitsi Beach
  • Molos Beach
  • Limnioniza Bay Beach

Beach tip

Our tip (originally provided by Max) is for if you head for Spilia Beach – go to the northern end, where the sand is better and the sunbeds more spaced out.