Aegina is one of the Saronic Islands and is only 40 minutes from Piraeus by speedboat.

Aghia Marina is a great resort on the island of Aegina with Akrogiali’s bar open till 1.00am and Nicos Galaris offering good simple fish dishes on the beach.

Good Beaches on Aegina

Aiginitissa beach, on the road to Perdika has sunbeds and umbrellas and rates among the most beautiful small beaches in greece.

The crowd on Aegina is a good mix of Greeks and other europeans but thankfully no single nation dominates the tourism here so the island retains much of its original hellenic culture and traditions.

Aegina is very much an unspoiled island for more adventurous visitors who want Greece, rather than just a more sunny version of Manchester or Berlin.

About 11,000 people live on Aegina but you would never know it. Off the beaten track, this island retains an authentic greek style and this is best experienced in Aegina’s excellent local cuisine. The seafood, as you would expect, is excellent but the real star dishes are the lamb based stews using locally picked herbs.

Dont miss the ruins of the Temple of Apollo on Aegina. It is a really lovely spot, but don’t forget to bring some water as there is only one small grove of trees to provide you with any shade.