Paxos is a lovely island to visit. 14 kilometres south of Corfu Paxos has no airport and so can only be reached by boat.

This keeps the lazier travellers away. They miss out of the delights such as the spectacular bay at Lakka, the stunning wind-carved limestone cliffs of western Paxos ,or the beautiful town of Gaios with its laid back bustle.

Typical Ionian in atmosphere and style, Paxos is a great greek island with really friendly inhabitants. Why not find out for yourself why Paxos holidays are so well loved?



How hot does it get on Paxos? I don’t want to get too hot.

Andy Peel


Paxos can vary between 20 and 45 degrees centigrade in summer.


Paxos ( the seceret paradise )

It has to be said – that there is little or no point in promoting an island that is so tiny -that its qouta of beds is fully subscribed every year ! – Furthemore the Paxiots have come to appreciate its unique quality – its an impossible dream in reality – an island paradise yet within spitting distance of one of the most ( perhaps THE most touristic Greek island there is !! ) Yet for those that venture to this promised land – the rewards of an extended stay will proove to be an experience that one will want to cherrish again – and again and again ! The island is a gem – its small pebble bays and its fantastic villages take you miles away from the over-done nightmare of the brach tourist resorts of other places on the well troden tourist map – Giaos – so attractive with a host of bars and tavernas – is stunningly attractive with its Italliene feel – Loggos is a true seceret hide-away and had for fine taverans and four bars – two of which are to die for ! Lakka – an lovely crescent and very enclosed bay – that has an authentice village atmosphere ann some smart tavernas at the waterfront Erimitis – is the “hold your breath” most romantic setting on the Planet !!! An there is AntiPAxos – the castaway island that boasts beaches that would shame those of the carribean – All in all this it heaven – and yet it remains – so trully Greeek – there simple is nowhere on earth that is better

Simon Wilkinson

Paxos certainly stirs deep emotions

Simon’s review shows that the Greek Island of Paxos is one that has a deep emotional pull on some (perhaps all) visitors. Its not just the weather and beaches. Greek islands are all about the people. The cultural past and present coming together to beguile those of us who live in countries where our own cultural capital has been squandered in the pursuit of avarice.