Kythera or Cerigo as it is also known lies between Crete and the Peloponese Islands and sits 120 miles from Piraeus Harbour. Kythera has been known since ancient times as the Isle of Aphrodite, the greek Goddess of Love. The most famous produce is the Kytherian thyme honey which does taste fantastic.

Things to do on Kythera

Chora has a small archaeological museum, but the real delight is the nature and tranquility of this little island of just 3000 in habitants.

The port of Agios Pelagia connects Kythera with Gytheio and Neapoli, and the port of Diakofti has boats to Piraeus, Gytheion, Kalamata, Neapoli and Crete. You are sure to come under Aphrodite’s spell here.

The beaches of Kythera

AGIOS LEFTERIS – west Kythera
PLATIA AMMOS – east Kythera
AGIA PELAGIA – east Kythera
DIAKOFTI – east Kythera
KALADI – south east Kythera
KOMPONADA – south east Kythera
FIRI AMMOS – south east Kythera
PALAIOPOLI – south east Kythera
MELIDONI – south west Kythera
CHALKOS – south Kythera
VROULEA – south Kythera