Kefalonia (or Kefallonia, nobody really seems to know) is a cool, beautiful tree covered island where mega yachts turn up daily, disgorging the well heeled of the world for a few days of beach bathing, late night parties and perhaps a leisurely leaf through a battered copy of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis De Berniers.

Kefalonia (or Cephalonia is you feel so inclined) is the largest of the Ionian islands and sixth largest of all the greek islands. The capital Argostoli sits in a sheltered bay, hence the abundance of big yachts. Quite frankly if you like big yachts, forget the boat shows, just come to Kefalonia; they’re all here.

Even if watching the super rich isn’t your thing (and I salute you, for you are a better human being than I am) then Keph (too soon?) is an island that will still do it for you.  There is just a bit more here than most of the other ionian destinations. It is an island that a German friend of mine raves about; “with many extraordinary geological phenomena and the sink holes at Argostoli are a great first experience”.

Sinkholes and other extraordinary geological phenomena aside, I reckon there is little on this planet finer than an evening on Kefalonia with good company, a plate of “saganaki” with tomatoes and feta cheese and a glass of red as the sun sets at Lixouri. You will find me at the second bar on the left. Just look for the seriously relaxed guy and offer to buy him a nice long cooling drink.

An earthquake in 1953 resulted in the destruction of most of the buildings on the island, so Kefalonia is kind of creepy in a cool sort of way. they are still deserted ruined farmhouses all over the island. Great for adventures, but please do be careful if you are hiring a scooter.

Stroll around Kefalonia’s four star hotels and you will find great spots to spend long evenings meeting dispicably gorgeous people. Then during the day swim in ice blue oceans then walk past the setting sun ablaze as it dips into the Adriatic.  Kefalonia has the most beautiful shorelines so come and see for yourself why Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was such a hit.

Beaches on Kefalonia

Makris Yialos beach (or long beach as it is also known) is one of the twin beaches of Lassi on Kefalonia’s the southwestern shore. The sand is great for building castles, but the beach is narrow, so it sometimes feels a little crowded.

Petani is a beach of white pebbles. The clean waters led to a european blue flag award in 2004.


Resorts on Kefalonia


Saw, the film, loved the landscape

Was the Corelli film done on location? I would hate to get to the island and find that it lookls nothing like I have seen in the cinema.


Kefalonia will not dissapoint you.

It really is a beautiful greek island. Don’t worry, you will fall in love with Kefalonia. I certainly did.



Loads of cats all over the island. Kefalonia is a great place for cat lovers. The locals are unusually (for greece) kind to the cats.


Dont miss the caves

Stalagmites and stalagtites of course, but it is the acoustics that blow us all away. They actually hold concerts in the caves and the sound is amazing.


Walk and Eat

Kef has become a foodie paradise over recent years so the new book Walk and Eat – Kefalonia is a really handy thing to take with you. It gives up to date suggestions for both great walks in the interior and the best places to eat. There are by no means the expensive restaurants, but the tiny hidden away family restaurants where amazing food is being cooked on a daily basis.



We have been twice all over the Island and loved every minute, Kefalonia is a very beautiful and an extremely friend Greel Island to visit, all of the day trips are fantstic but especially Catin Maki’s glass bottom boat/beach BBQ trip from Argostoli…awsom. The local taverners do very tasty dishes, our faviourate was Zorba’s on the Lassi strip, the kabakoti and stifado can’t be beaten. Do bear in mind thou that towards the North of the Island in places such as fiscardo where all the stars holiday can be prety expensive to eat out, if this is an issue places like Lassi will not disapoint at all and also have fantastic beaches with eveything you need right there for a fun day in the sun. Cant wait to go back….

Tom & Tracy


A real treat on kefalonia is to visit the old harbor of Fiscardo. Beautifully tranquil and very picturesque. We only had an hour here whilst on a tour of the island but could have stayed much longer over a lingering lunch. Grab a spot right next to the water for great views of the island and yachts and a visit from the fish who are partial to a bit of bread roll.