On Ios, close to the amazing beach at Plakoto you will find Homer’s Tomb, the reputed resting place of the first great poet of the western world. In May a festival takes place which is dedicated to Homer, the epic poet who composed the Iliad Odyssey.

Visitors to Ios are mostly less concerned with high art than high factor sun cream these days. The island has some fantastic beaches and these are the reason many people return year after year. Ios Town (Hora) has a reputation for being a young european party town and can be a bit hectic. Euro-disco till all hours, but the rest of Ios is fairly tranquil.

Ios probably takes its name from the violets (Greek “ion”) that fill the countryside in spring time.

In the 1960’s the island became a bit of a hippy hang out and a relaxed, carefree vibe still permiates much of the atmosphere. Ios is a lot quieter these days but still attracts a party crowd looking for an island that mixes great beaches and friendliness in equal measure.

The Ferry to Ios

To get to the island takes 7 hours by ferry from Piraeus or just 1.5 hours from Santorini.

The best beaches on Ios

The best beaches on Ios are: Mylopotas which is a sandy beach, Agia Theodoti, Koubara which is secluded. My fafourite beaches on Ios are Manganari beach and Psathi beach.

Food on Ios

The honey is exceptional, but Ios is probably best known for its wines. There is no big export market but while on the island you can enjoy locally grown and bottled wines of stunning quality. Of course there is also some really nasty local wine available so ask the locals and be prepared for a treat. The food in the touristy parts of the island has less to offer anyone serious about fine dining. The greek classics are all available, but generally in a ‘chips with everything’ taverna you will not find great cooking. However, head off the beaten track and again ask the locals, because on the island of Ios there are some fantastic little eateries tucked away and known only to a happy few. Our advice is to hunt around Chora on he western edge of town.