A few miles west of Mykonos, in the middle of the Cyclades lies the tiny island of Delos which is perhaps the most important archaeological site in the greek islands and possibly the whole of the western world.

This sacred island is the mythical homeplace of Apollo and is covered in shrines dedicated to the greek pantheon of gods.

Ancient Delos is worthy of a complete website all to itself because there is so much to see here. Because of all the archaeology, the entire island of Delos is classed as a world heritage site and so no new tourist buildings have been erected, so come nightfall (and mondays) Delos is left to the gods alone.

Good Beaches on Delos

The best beaches can be found on the coast around Platyialos. Tavernas, boat trips and umbrellas are all available on the beaches there.

Delos is Lovely

One of the more peaceful islands, not swamped by tourism, I found Delos delightful.


A true inspiration

This is the centre of culture for the western world. Everyone should come to Delos.


Temple of Isis

At sunset the Temple of Isis on the island of Delos is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in europe.



A true must see for any fan of ancient Greece, a delightful day out.


Robyn & Robins 2nd trip

We have been to Delos twice as we were so impressed the first time we had to travel back again. The boat trip from Mykonos took about 20 minutes and as you approch the Island and start to see the ruins it just takes your breath away. On both of our visits we took our lunch with a bottle of red wine in our back pack and just sat amongst the ruins and who knows we may call in again Robin & Robyn from Australia

Robin Campbell