Andros is touristy but fun. Lots to do and lots to see. The Cyclades islands are the most famous of the greek islands and visitors to Andros know why. The island is covered with lush pine forests and the local mineral water is of exceptional qiality.

Andros Weather

Andros has some truly some great restaurants hidden away in the in the small traditional villages in the hills above the costal resorts where the food can be variable..

Andros’ main town is Gaviro which juts out on a peninsula between two long beaches and is a bit of a treasure because it hasn’t become spoilt by tourism. It still offers plenty to see and do and is a lovely place for sitting drinking beer, wine or uzo in the evening and watching the world go by at a sensibly relaxed pace.

Most of the tourism is on the west of the island around Batsi. History buffs should head to Agios Petros tower which dates back to hellenistic times. Other than that and a couple of great museums, Andros is about its wonderful beaches.

Best Beaches on Andros

Hrysi Ammos or “Golden beach” is definitely a favourite. It is a lovely sandy beach that never gets too packed with visitors.

However, we have heard that  you cannot beat Korthios Bay. Awesome sand, very safe and shallow so good for kids.