In Katapola and Aegiali, the two principle towns of Amorgos, holidaymakers slouch around past small shops selling all manner of curiosities.

amorgosYou can spend your days bimbling around the coast and swimming in pretty bays, but the real treasue of Amorgos island is 400 metres up at the hora. This is an amazingly well preserved village, shining white like a beacon over the island. Scents of wild thyme are caught by the breeze and lift the spirits. If you miss out on it during a visit to Amorgos, you really will have done yourself no favours.

The food is typically greek on Amorgos and there is no tourist office, although all the locals seem happy to help visitors.

Good Beaches on Amorgos

  • Megali Glyfada – A sheltered bay with a big, sandy beach.
  • Mikri Glyfada – A hakf an hour walk through an amazing gorge leasds to a wonderful hidden beach.
  • Nikouria – A tiny island in Aegialis Bay, Nikouria is the ideal location for snorkeling. A total blast with a very secluded beach.
  • Paradissia Beach small sandy beach littered with ancient greek ruins.

A taste of Old Greece

Amorgos is what all the greek islands used to be like. Quiet, friendly, relaxed and not overrun by tourism.