One of the more peaceful islands. despite being the third biggest. Mytilini is the usual first stop for visitors who then travel to isolated spots where you can still get away from it all. Lesbos is also known as Lesvos, so look out for Lesvos Holidays as well as Lesbos Holidays when booking.

Dont miss out on a visit to the the iron-rich thermal springs of Thermi. The crumbling ancient public baths are closed to the public but there is a new public bath house and you realy should indulge yourself here.

Molyvos is probably the prettiest town on Lesbos, with a lovely beach, small tightly packed houses and a stunning Medieval castle overlooking the town. This is picture postcard Greece at its finest. While you are here, don’t miss the Hot Springs of Eftalou nearby. Just a little further along the coast road is Skala Sikaminias, a tiny port popular with artists, photographers and filmmakers.

Beaches on Lesbos

We particularly enjoyed the sandy beach at Eressos in the south. For accommodation just ask at the nearest taverna in any village and they will put you incontact with a local who takes in guests.

There are pleny of places to hire bikes on Lesvos but it is a mountainous island, so your legs will get a good workout.


It has nice sandy beaches. The people are very friendly and there are plenty restaurants. For fresh fish I prefer Gorgona almost at the end of the boulevard direction Molyvos.

Manfred Daniels