The Greek Islands

The Greek islands are blessed with great climate, lots to see and do, fabulous beaches and a warm and friendly welcome.

This has allowed the islands of Greece to become one of Europe’s premier summer vacation destinations.

Greek Holidays


Learn more about the greek islands by choosing from the list on the left of this page. We intend to build this site to be the ultimate source for information on greece and greek island traveling.

Information about greek islands

The free information on this site will help you to decide where to go and how long to stay in Greece for your holidays.

While famous islands like Corfu, Santorini, and Rhodes may be known to you already, there are so many other islands to choose from. Tiny islands like Folegandros and Amorgos my be less well known, but are just as special in their own ways. Of course you needn’t just choose one Island. A summer holiday of greek island hopping, spending just a night or two on a string of islands connected by ferry rides is a perfect way to see more of the greek islands in a short period of time. Corfu is also the island for nature lovers, because Gerald Durell wrote ‘My family and other animals” about his formative years on the island.

Knowing a few greek phrases will impress your hosts who are world famous for their hospitality. We have found that just saying Kalimera rather than Good Morning is often enough to get you invited to all sorts of wonderful local parties.

If history is your thing, then Delos or Crete might be your perfect choice. Both islands are world famous for their ancient ruins dating back to the very dawn of civilisation.

Or perhaps you are a fan of the written word? Why not visit Kefalonia where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin is set? Not only is this a beautiful island but also a haven for lovers of great food.

Whichever island you decide upon, we know you will enjoy your Greek holidays.